Tech lab installation
Tech lab installation
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Bridge the education technology gap


About Us

Founded by undergraduate students, Student Empowerment Program is a non-profit organization that seeks to close the education technology gap with innovative technology, training, and partnerships with schools and educational non-profits.

How it works

StEP works with educational non-profits and schools to provide technological tools that improve student outcomes and prepare them for a technology-driven world.

ZERO cost to our community partners


Partnership with College or University

StEP partners with existing volunteer networks at colleges in Worcester to support educational non-profits and schools. Undergraduate students provide the installation and support.

Technology Labs

StEP purchases and installs technology labs at educational non-profits and schools. Technology includes laptops, projectors, etc. that are donated to the non-profit or school. All equipment comes updated with the latest educational software.

Training and Support

StEP offers ongoing training and support to keep our partners up to date with the latest software and trends.


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Student Empowerment Program started as a bold idea that technological innovation could lead to educational success.


Today, through your generous support, Student Empowerment Program takes a grassroots approach to creating programs with a powerful impact. Your donation supports this work by facilitating the installation of technology labs through the city of Worcester.

Every donation is supported by free installation, free technological support, and free sharing of best practices.


Student Empowerment Program cannot run without your gracious support. We thank you for being a part of our team!

$60: projector

$2,500: technology lab

$30: tablet case with built-in keyboard

$16: speakers

$180: tablet

$220: laptop

Tax ID: 47-5603087


Are you interested in harnessing the power of technology for educational goals? Student Empowerment Program makes direct technology donations to deserving organizations and provides technological support, educational guidance, and curricula resources.


We want to create a diverse team with varied expertise. There is room on our team for all individuals, our only requirement is a desire to make a positive impact.