Worcester Team

Teddy Chomiak


After spending seven years as a Boy Scout, Teddy was instilled with the need to give back to his community. In our modern technological society, traditional service endeavors can sometimes be modified to better suit a community’s needs. To the StEP team, this means giving students the technology that can help them learn more effectively and develop the computer skills that have become so essential in job market today.


Teddy wants to help lead StEP to partnerships which can help improve the classrooms of Worcester, and extend StEP’s influence to help more students in more communities.

Jeimy Hernández


Jeimy was born in Honduras and raised in South Los Angeles, California. She attended public schools up until college and knows from first hand experience the effect an under resource and a resource program can have on students. During her senior year of high school she was admitted into the One Voice Scholars program, allowing her to explore outside the LA area and give back to her community.

As a college student soon going to the work force, she understands that technological skills are no longer a luxury but a necessity and are becoming increasingly more solicited. Shes's excited and honored to be part of an organization that works so closely with the community.

Nick Vermette

Head of Technology

As an Economics and Pre-Dental student, Nick has been exposed to a variety of different learning environments throughout his educational endeavors. Having grown up alongside the tech boom, Nick understands the importance of technology; especially within the classroom.


Gone are the days of the conventional paper and pencil method, and Nick is an adamant supporter of incorporating modern technology to improve the classroom learning environment by making it easier and more enjoyable for students to collaborate and complete assignments.

Zach Cole

Head of Finance & Fundraising

Luke Reynolds

Head of Community Relations

David Bodack

Head of Education